The two-year-old drummer blew the judges away with his performance…

Hugo Molina is a young drummer that possesses an impressive amount of talent.

He is just 2 years old, but he has already taught himself how to play the drums without any outside instruction and has demonstrated his skills in front of an audience.

Hugo’s drumming is not simply a form of child’s play despite the fact that he is still quite young.

He is a genuine musician who possesses a genuine knack for playing the drums.

In the course of the performance, the host even pleaded with the crowd to refrain from excessive handclapping so that the little child wouldn’t be disturbed.

Hugo instantly begins to play the drums once his father places him in position in front of the instrument and hands him drumsticks.

When the ambiance music begins to play, Hugo’s father asks him in a simple manner, “How do we play the drums, Hugo?”

During the Semanasantu, which is a traditional Easter parade, Hugo’s ability was on full show for all to see.

His abilities on the drums left both the judges and the crowd in awe, and they were both intrigued by him.

Hugo has already demonstrated that he is a good musician, despite the fact that he is still relatively young, and it is abundantly evident that he has a promising career ahead of him in the world of music.