This lucky supermom was pregnant for 16 years straight and now has 12 children… But you won’t believe when you see how they live…

It is difficult to imagine that this young woman has been pregnant for the past 16 years straight; she already has 12 children of her own.

Users on social media platforms were astounded to see 12 children of varying ages when their family films were shared on such platforms.

In both her personal and professional lives, Iris Purnell, who hails from Los Angeles, is a very busy and gregarious person.

Dancing was Iris’s go-to pastime when she wasn’t busy being charming.

At a party, she became acquainted with Cordell Purnell, who would later become her husband, and learned that they shared many similarities.

Soon after, they realized that they were meant to be together and fell in love with each other. They believed that they were destined to be together.

Cordell was a professional dancer who went by the name “Storm,” and the primary factor that brought them together was the fact that they had an interest in dancing.

Then, after being married, Iris gave birth to a son and went on maternity leave from her job so that she could concentrate on raising her child.

Despite the fact that she wanted to work and did not intend to have any more children, she was unable to leave her infant child alone at such a young age.

Iris came to the conclusion not long after the birth of her daughter that she was destined to be a mother of many children and that she would thoroughly enjoy her time while pregnant.

Even though the couple didn’t set out to have a large family, they eventually realized that they needed more and more children as time went on.

They therefore take advantage of every day to spend time with their large family and count each of their 12 children as a blessing.