The way this 96-year-old elderly man plays “Star Spangled Banner” will take you aback! VIDEO attached!

What else can a patriot accomplish in the modern world after serving in World War II? The national anthem can be played on a harmonica.

The day before Memorial Day has passed. It happened at a match featuring the US Women’s National Soccer Team. An inconspicuous older man with a harp came up to the microphone.

Both playing the harmonica and bringing the instrument to life are done by different people. When this man began to play, his instrument began to sing.

Ever since he was a young child, Pete DuPre has held a harmonica in his hand. Any opportunity he had to practice, he took. He plays with subtle accents and notes flourish, which demonstrates this.

DuPre is not only a patriot; he is a former soldier who served in England’s medical corps during World War II. He traveled across the Atlantic for three years.

He would receive the injured who need round-the-clock treatment from the field medics. That needed to be, as he put it, “put back together.” It appears that his music has the power to mend broken hearts as well.

Check out the video below!