The most astonishing military performances that will make your day! Watch them here!

The best unknown talent is always uncovered by talent shows. The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and Britain’s Got Talent all to have entries in this top 10 compilation of the best military auditions.

Before he even performed for the judges, Landon Knowlton left a lasting impression on American Idol. They had to perform push-ups, so he summoned his Sergeant Major voice. They gave him their support after hearing him sing.

In remembrance of her time spent serving in Afghanistan, Crissy Ashcroft submitted an audition tape for The Voice Australia with the song “When the War Is Over.” When one of the coaches selects her, she breaks down in tears.

Richard Jones’ magic act on Britain’s Got Talent had the judges puzzled about how he managed to pull it off. Colin Thackery also performed movingly in memory of his late wife.

The majority of military personnel watch America’s Got Talent, though. The audience enjoys listening to Paul Leti and Robert Finley’s heartfelt singing. After sustaining wounds from combat, Sal Gonzalez and Tim Poe both showcase their musical abilities.

The top 10 rankings included two more military performances from America’s Got Talent. While In The Stairwell put on an amazing boy band performance, a quartet called Voices of Service sang a moving song.

Military personnel have so much to offer. This collection demonstrates that they gave their all not only to serving their country but also to remaining true to who they were.

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