The woman volunteered to watch the kids, who were actually siblings… Then…

Being a parent is regarded as one of life’s greatest blessings, but since not everyone is able to do so, people often resort to adoption as a backup plan. This is best illustrated by Kathy Page, who chose to adopt two adorable kids. This was not unique because he is not the first or the last person to adopt, but unlike many others, his case gained attention when the connection between his two children, Grayson and Hannah, came to light. adolescent adoptees.

When Katie’s spouse left her at the age of 30, she made the decision to concentrate on her career. Eventually, she was able to purchase the home of her dreams. He once got a letter from a nearby church about how to raise him. It drew his interest, youngsters.

This woman made the decision to complete the paperwork and submit her first adoption application in 2015. She took a very active role in the upbringing and care of the kids. She once received a request to look after a baby. The moment Katie laid eyes on the infant, she fell in love.

She was granted permission to adopt the infant boy, whom she called Grayson, after officials looked for the mother for 11 months without discovering any contact. The birth mother, according to Kathy, never responded to newspaper ads and disappeared entirely.

She is thrilled to be a mother and to have adopted her first kid, but she was surprised when the social worker mentioned that she was thinking about adopting again. She had no trouble having two kids, either. When she discovered the 4-day-old infant had been abandoned and had moved to the location of Grayson’s birth months later, she knew she urgently needed a home.

The social worker thought it was the best choice because it was so similar to the situation with her first child. Everything seemed good at first, but then they started to question the girl’s ancestry. When Katie started looking into the girl’s life, she found that the lady she had left behind for Grayson shared the same name as the girl’s mother.

He then began to consider the possibility that the two kids might be siblings. However, when I asked the social worker in charge of the file if it was possible, she immediately ruled it out. When Cathy agreed to meet the girl’s mother, she became aware of how much the girl resembled her adopted son.

As the social worker continued to look into the case, she discovered that the children are indeed siblings. It turned out to be a lovely miracle that also assisted Cathy in concluding the adoption of a child she named Hannah. Two tiny angels are under the angel’s care. As a wife and mother now, Katie Page has achieved great success.