This man found the love of his life 23 years later and here is the reason…

Numerous people will come and go throughout our lives; some will be blessings, some lessons, some will show us the way to paradise, and some will be trials that will drain us dry and leave us with little to nothing in the end.

Even though we frequently don’t know why, there will be people who leave us in large numbers, some of whom will be forgotten, and others who will live on in our memories forever. The only thing that matters is that we enjoy each person while they pass through our lives.

While it’s true that love drives the world, this delicate, priceless, and significant emotion is presented by parents, sisters, grandparents, uncles, friends, and, with any luck, the person who will turn around. the man who will become everything to you, the world has been flipped upside down.

However, if for some reason they don’t work out, perhaps you’ll still consider him to be your true love. Think about what it would be like to meet him and then lose him, or to lose him and then find him.

That is what occurred to Serbian artist Marina Abramovi more than two decades ago while she was performing as part of the MoMA exhibition “The Artist Is Present” in New York. His unusual experience was shared with thousands of people over the course of 700 hours, but suddenly he was approached by someone he had never expected.

To comprehend everything, all you need to do is look at him. After 23 years, he finally meets the love of his life.

Here is the video…