This baby was born without a nose and here is what she looks like after 9 years…

During the initial scan, Tessa’s parents were informed that an unusual child had been born. Doctors informed the couple that their future daughter had aplasia, an extremely rare and fatal illness. The doctors suggested that the pregnancy be terminated for medical reasons, as is typical in such circumstances.

But the girl’s parents flatly rejected the notion. Even though it was already known that he would be born with a complex anomaly, they were unable to even comprehend in their minds that it was conceivable to get rid of their own child.

Her parents were overjoyed to welcome Tessa into the world. The infant was wanted and cherished. Parents don’t even acknowledge that their daughter is different from other kids. Only typical medical issues serve as a reminder of Tessa’s traits.

The girl didn’t have a nose, and she had terrible visual issues. After having a cataract surgically removed for medical reasons, Tessa lost vision in one eye. The girl has heart issues as well. Although they are not currently manifest in any form, parents continue to give their daughter more attention because they never know when issues might start to surface.

The physicians are currently doing a tracheostomy on Tessa. When she eats and sleeps, she can now breathe normally like everyone else. But the girl will require other surgeries after this one. Tessa needs a prosthetic nose installed as an adolescent in order to live a normal life without endangering her health. Future is where it is.

And right now, Tessa’s parents are exerting every effort to help her feel like a normal young child. The kid is developing normally, and she enjoys playing, having fun, reading, and drawing. Tessa is now nine years old. The girl has a similar life to other kids, and her parents are always there for her.

A married couple is not at all bothered by a special needs child. If only the infant was content, they would be pleased to spend as much time on treatment as is necessary. Tessa becomes more jovial, pleasant, outgoing, and upbeat as she surrounds everyone with her great energy.