This blue-eyed Nigerian woman got married and look at how beautiful her kids appear!

Nigeria is where Risikat Aziz was born. She was the first person in her family to have blue eyes at birth. Nobody had such eyes before me, both from the mom’s and the father’s perspectives, Aziz said.

When Risikat was born, everybody believed she had vision issues, according to her sister Balikis, who had brown eyes. However, after examining the girl, the physicians concluded that she was in perfect health.

Aziz remembered being taken to the hospital as a youngster for a checkup. The physicians liked her eyes, so she came home with a lot of gifts. They didn’t think they were flawed and even posed for photos with an uncommon girl.

Risikat wed Abdul Oma-Dada, a Nigerian, at the age of 22. The chosen one’s odd appearance did not bother him; on the contrary, it captivated him, and for many years they coexisted in peace. The couple yearned for kids dearly, but it took them a long time to become parents.

It was evident that Kaosara, their first child, had her mother’s eyes when she was born. The infant attracted a lot of attention from the public right away, but her father did not like it and attempted to shield her from it.

Hasanat, the second child of the parents, was likewise born with blue eyes. Then, for several months, the father kept his daughter hidden from inquisitive eyes since he still clearly remembered the earlier event.

When Risikat had daughters, she said that her partner’s behavior drastically changed. He seemed to change, Aziz said, “becoming to shut my mouth and leave anytime I tried to communicate to him,” indicating that they had acquired the mother’s genetic feature.

He was under pressure from Risikat’s spouse and his parents: “They even asked him, ‘Do you want more kids with those eyes?'” Additionally, my spouse said that his parents had urged him to wed a woman who would have kids with usual eyes.

Risikat’s spouse eventually started to go missing for weeks at a time, leaving his wife and girls without food. She had to ask her parents for assistance. Risikat’s husband evicted her as a result, and she went back to live with her father.

Abdullah disputed that Risikat and he had parted because of the color of her eyes. He added that despite this, his parents had never requested that he divorce his wife.

Abdullah made periodic visits after Risikat and her kids moved in with their parents, but according to Aziz, he didn’t offer any financial support. We discovered the couple’s and the neighborhood’s pasts. The Kwara state governor decided to help the couple get back together, so he planned another wedding for them in September.

Risikat had also earlier declared that she would never go back to the home of her husband’s family and that she would never remarry him. But the couple moved past their differences and made up.

Now that the governor has paid for Risikat to take makeup classes, rented home for the family, and arranged for the couple’s eldest daughter to attend school, all is good in the family.