Triplets after triplets… Here is how the three babies look now as kids…

The parents of TWO sets of triplets who have undergone IVF after years of infertility now have their hands complete. After years of infertility issues that made Courtney Garrett, 38, and her husband Philip, 42, fear they could never have children at all, the couple now has six young children.

In September 2009, after Courtney had two eggs placed, one of which split, they welcomed their first trio. In an effort to give triplets Jack, Oliver, and Ellie a younger sibling, they made the decision to undergo another round of IVF. Courtney had a single embryo implanted, so she was astonished to know through an ultrasound that she was once more expecting triplets.

About one in 9,000 pregnancies ends in triplets, although fertility therapy raises the chance of an embryo dividing and leading to multiple deliveries. When this occurs, the siblings are the same since they all emerged from the same egg, making them identical.

Amazingly, however, such is not the case in Courtney’s point, indicating that she must have become pregnant naturally at the same time as an IVF conception. Sissy Sartor, the couple’s reproductive specialist, described the possibility of this happening in addition to the delivery of two sets of triplets as “very rare.”

In New Orleans, Louisiana, Courtney, a joyful mother of six, exclaimed: “It just makes my heart swell to see all these adorable children and believe they are mine.”

There are a few persons in the world who had two sets of triplets, but they were most likely not born under such conditions.

I never imagined we’d find ourselves in this predicament.

“The IVF process was incredibly emotionally taxing, and we began to question if it would be successful. Will we ever get the chance to have children? We were overjoyed to learn that we had the first set. We questioned how this occurred. “ I said, “Wait a minute.” as the ultrasound showed up and we could see there were two circles.

My spouse kept repeating, “Look at one of them breaking up,” while I was accepting this.

Although we were genuinely astonished and in disbelief, our excitement completely overcame our worries. When I told my family and friends, they responded, “No way,” because the doctors had never seen anything like it before.

Funny video depicts the parents telling their three eldest kids the news, who at first seemed upset that they would be getting three infants instead of a pet. However, Courtney claims that following the birth of the girls in February 2017—Vivienne and Wells as well as their fraternal sister Georgie—their older siblings have “fallen in love.”

Courtney, chief financial officer, continued, “It was really nice to see how wonderfully the older triplets have adapted to having their three additional sisters. According to birth order, each elder brother was given a younger brother, which aided in their bonding and made them fall in love with them. As a result of Courtney’s polycystic ovarian syndrome, which stopped her from ovulating consistently and rendered her infertile, the couple decided to try in vitro fertilization, or IVF.

The woman’s egg is fertilized outside and then placed back into her uterus during the operation. Sissy Sartor, a fertility specialist with The Fertility Institute, said she had never encountered a situation precisely like Garrett’s. Two sets of triplets make Courtney a unique case, she said. With the transfer of a single embryo in 2016, the second set of triplets was born. It turns out that in addition to using the transferred embryo, she also used an ovulated egg to become pregnant.

“The projected incidence of two sets of triplets would be 0.5% to 2% per million cases, depending on whether embryo separation happens in this second conception of triplets with the embryo originating from the ovulated egg or the transplanted IVF embryo.

“I have had a few identical twins after fertility therapy over the course of my career, but I have never encountered two separation occurrences with embryo transfer with the same patient.

It was a delight to look after the Garretts, and from what I’ve heard, they take excellent care of all of their riches. It’s fantastic to have a house full of life, said Philip, a partner in a wealth consulting firm. He said he was “ecstatic.”