This deaf pup learns sign language in just eight weeks! Video attached!

More intelligent than they realize, animals. Particularly when it comes to dogs, their high IQ will astound you.

Dogs may quickly pick up new languages in addition to new tricks at any age.

For instance, Rafa, a 7-month-old deaf dog, acquired sign language in just 8 weeks.

Rafa was brought home by Jo Le Page, age 41, but at first, she didn’t realize that he was deaf. Joe made the decision to give Rafa the best possible life since she knew that if she gave him to a shelter, they would shortly put him to death.

Rafa has been learning 9 signals for 8 weeks, and Joe and Rafa have started communicating. The dog will soon have the opportunity to learn more and live out his days with a kind and loving owner.

Here is the video: