This famous actress recently turned 96… Do you know her name?

When Angela Lansbury was a little child, she began her profession. When she took her first solid and lucky steps into the film industry, she was only 17 years old.

Her coquettish maid character earned her a new contract and her first Oscar nomination.

The actress revealed that the passing of her father when she was only 9 years old had a significant impact on her life. The young girl, though, was motivated and ambitious.

She was nominated for 12 Emmys as an actor for her work on “Mu. rder, She Wrote,” and she has won seven Tony Awards.

She lent her voice to the animated hit “Beauty and the Beast,” playing the singing teapot Mrs. Potts. Soon joined in on the Grammy Award nomination for album of the year for the popular soundtrack album.

The actress’s second marriage lasted 54 years, even though her first one lasted only a year. Angela’s husband did everything in his power to help out, even quitting his job to help out. They have lovely children and a fantastic family.

On October 11, 2202, Angela passed away at the age of 96. However, she played a variety of parts over more than 80 years that wouldn’t have been as appealing without her.