This father became a YouTube sensation when he assisted his concerned daughter on stage! VIDEO attached!

What a great dad! A true superhero!

Children’s matinees and shows are almost always adorable and moving. And this video demonstrates that! This is how a true man should appear!

Most men who take pride in their manhood wouldn’t because they are worried about appearing foolish and sissy, but when a real man sees his daughter in trouble, he will go through with whatever it takes. This is a really challenging job for those who stage children’s numbers.

Young children, after all, are not always able to handle the enthusiasm on stage. Additionally, young artists frequently lose track of their movements, which adds to their frustration.

The crowd occasionally sighs compassionately and, other times, gently giggles when things don’t go as planned. Mark Daniels, though, doesn’t fit within either group.

At a critical point, a young guy was able to preserve his daughter’s performance. Bella, his daughter, was scheduled to perform a swan dance, which is why.

Bella was perplexed and started crying out of tension as the girls were brought on stage. This is hardly shocking, considering how challenging it is for a young girl.

Here is the video: