This guy gets a haircut and looks completely different now! Check out the pictures here!

Joo Coelho Guimares, a 45-year-old Brazilian, was having trouble. He was left jobless and homeless as a result. When he ran out of food, he was forced to hunt for scraps.

He was without a place to live for a full three years.

Joo gathered bottles to sell at recycling facilities. The barbershop of Alessandro Lobo was where most of the bottles were kept.

Joo timidly walked up to the barbershop and asked whether they had any razors or scissors for trimming beards. The homeless individuals’ facial hair worried them. He wished it could be removed.

The man’s sensitivity, timidity, and communication abilities surprised Alessandro. He had a good education. A barbershop owner organized a day of grooming for the homeless in the area.

Joo recently changed his hairstyle and appearance. His personality instantly shifted. Joo gave Alessandro permission to use the before and after photos of his transformation on social media.

Joo was outfitted with clothing and shoes by Alessandro. The homeless man thanked Alessandro and expressed relief that he was finally beginning to feel normal again.

Alessandro related the story and displayed Joao’s picture. This person’s change was highly commended. But one remark stood out in particular. The mother and sister knew the homeless man.

I hadn’t spoken to Joo in ten years! Mother and sister of the family were away at the time. They made plans to go get Joo once they were informed that he had survived.

The stray was pursued by Alessandro. People knew him because he became a small celebrity when his book was published. Mom and sister arrived as expected. The family went on a picnic together. The power of the internet is to credit for this.