This man constructed a big house using glass! Here is what it looks like…

Sometimes unique design choices make the location a true tourist destination. The residence of Vladimir Kirillovich Sysa was affected by this. We discovered the man’s peculiar home history in our editorial department. Vladimir Sysa purchased a building property years ago, but it took him 20 years to build his home.

The truth is that a basic electrician didn’t want to work on a traditional construction project. He started constructing his own house out of glass bottles in order to save money and stand out from his cross neighbors.

Since 1902, this technology has been around and is widely used in the United States. All bottles are employed in American buildings, which gives the houses a brighter appearance. Sysa, however, made the decision to amass bottles of “Soviet champagne solely.” The green glass in his home is now pleasantly gleaming.

Other methods of searching included bottle collection in parks and collaboration agreements with locations that collect and sort home waste. Despite the fact that no one required them, bottles more prominent than 800 milliliters in volume were not accepted for processing. Champagne in the amount of 8,000 bottles was released.

The individual claimed that he chose the material before being granted a five-acre plot of land in Zaporozhye. At home, he stored the bottles. But as time went on, she came to appreciate the worth of her husband’s suggestion because she too wanted to give her children a unique legacy.

According to Lyudmila Sysa, “I helped my spouse out by washing all the bottles with my grandchild and daughter-in-law. I also transported cement buckets to the second floor as needed. I did all the ancillary work despite my husband preventing me from doing my primary task.

The woman was involved in the creation of all the peculiar features of the home, including the sauna, outdoor pool, and hand-crafted lift to the second level. Additionally, all of this is produced using “Soviet champagne” bottles. The Sys family frequently stays in a peculiar home.

He was surrounded by a strong sense of family. Vladimir still takes pride in his unique house. Yes, as well as everywhere else. This building method was adopted in Eastern Europe thanks to Sysa’s efforts.

A man was once given the opportunity to purchase a house and a plot that are entitled to him. He was given a price of 100,000 hryvnias for the structure and any nearby structures. However, Vladimir Sysa objected.

This money is not nearly as vital as building a creative family nest for him and his dear ones.