This talented kid has 20 years of experience in just 10 years! You will be amazed to listen to his voice!

The buzzer needs to be golden. He is amazing. 20 years of experience and 10 years

This is fantastic!

On America’s Got Talent, a small kid enters the stage wearing a dapper all-white suit. Peter Rosalita is who he describes himself as. He is a citizen of the Philippines and was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He seems to have the hearts of the majority of people thanks to his talent.

He said he would get a Nintendo Switch and a laptop for an online school when asked what he would do if he received a million dollars. He seemed a little perplexed when asked what he does for a living but responded that he lives as a singer.

Before starting to perform, he appears to be a little uneasy as a woman who might be his mother watches from the sidelines. His confidence takes control when he begins singing “All By Myself.”

When he reaches the chorus, he starts to display his actual vocal prowess after beginning smoothly and steadily. It maintains extended notes with amazing control. Everyone is taken aback by the strength and vibrato it exhibits.

He receives praise from the judges for his incredible talent after his performance. They all praised him and thought he was adorable. He draws everyone to him.

He receives affirmative feedback from all the judges, and as he rushes backstage to embrace the spectator, his smile grows even wider.

Here is the video: