This was once the equivalent of Google for our generation…

A few things that were necessary to civilization only a few years ago have become obsolete. Many of the earlier techniques, particularly at the neighborhood library, have been replaced by technology.

Your local public library’s conventional card catalog is becoming dated.

You may have borrowed a book when you were a student.

You would start by looking through the drawers that had the corresponding letters labeled on them.

As soon as you found the book, you would alert the librarian.

When you pick out a book, they will stamp a card with the closing date.

The decades-old card catalog has been effectively supplanted by the online public access catalog.

Some people still refer to the online catalog as the “card catalog.”

Some older libraries do maintain their card index, but it isn’t updated at least a few times a year.

You can take out the card catalog to make way for more PCs.

Due to technology, it appears that the classic library card catalog is no longer available.

You might even remember taking classes in school where you learned how to use the card catalog.

It took a considerable amount of effort and time on the part of many teachers to explain to children the importance of the card catalog to their future success.

It appears that browsing through the drab card catalog is a thing of the past.

However, looking back, we might be in awe of a system that was so well-organized that it assisted students in finding books for years.

Here is the video: