This woman weighed 700 pounds but she looks so much different now…

The story of Amber Rusty, who formerly weighed 700 pounds but later changed her appearance…

Even while it may seem odd, the young American girl can currently hardly recall that she formerly weighed 700 lbs.

Rusty’s weight made it difficult for her to move around, and her legs were so covered in cellulite and fat that they were barely discernible.

Amber always required a lot of work just to walk. It is important to note that a man named Rudy gave her a lot of support and assistance during this trying time.

The good-natured man was always there to defend Amber and give her the self-assurance she needed regarding her beauty.

Rudy left the poor girl completely alone after abandoning her not long after.

Since Amber now leads a healthy lifestyle, maintains a proper staple food, and is virtually unrecognizable, being over 700 pounds is already in the past.

She has grown into a pretty and endearing young lady and was able to move on from the man who left her through such a trying time.

Rusty accomplished becoming her best self by understanding she didn’t actually require such a bad person in her life.

She now has quite high expectations and is very clear about what she wants.

With her remarkable makeover, unwavering resolve, and participation in well-known shows, our heroine left everyone in awe. Later, she made the decision to seek the help of certified experts to develop a nutrition plan and develop good eating practices.

She can hardly be recognized, and she is positive that she will never regain her old physical appearances.

Rusty is extremely proud of herself and encourages others to find the confidence and drive necessary to improve their lives.

Were you astounded by the remarkable change?