This woman lost 130 kilos and now looks like an Instagram model…

Here we are introducing Tatyana Demyanenko. The woman spoke to subscribers about her experience, encouraging them to make significant changes if they wanted to.

It’s difficult to imagine that this powerful woman once had an entirely different appearance.

Tanya amazed the Network by showing before-and-after photos of herself. Demyanenko was able to shed 130 kilograms.

Tanya used to look overweight, but now people think that she is just a different person because of how much she has changed her appearance.

She has a very inspiring story, and it is truly amazing!

Great outcome, isn’t this? Tatyana shares her techniques with members now and daily receives adoring remarks such as “You are a genuine motivator,” “What a great person you are,” and “Gorgeous results.”

She motivates a lot of people to find comfort in themselves and loves themselves because beauty comes from within.

What do you think about her looks?