Together, a drummer and a “plumber” perform a funny pipe duet… Watch it here!

Viewers all over the world are having fun watching a video of a live performance by the Royal Marines Band Service. Millions of fans are being drawn in by an exquisite fusion of humor, innovation, and musical talent.

This concert, which was captured in London’s Royal Albert Hall as part of the Mountbatten Festival of Music, The main subject of the video is a percussionist who becomes unfocused while playing.

A well-groomed marine is playing the xylophone when an unexpected noise comes in. Instead of a cell phone or audience members, the disturbing noise is coming from a leaking pipe.

The audience quickly understands that everything is a performing element. The percussionist puts down his xylophone to make a call to a plumber to fix the distracting leaky pipe.

The plumber arrives shortly and strikes me as being quite the eccentric fellow. While the plumber tries to fix the issue, the percussionist comes back to play his instrument. The plumber then makes the decision to participate.

He pulls out a device made of plastic plumbing pipes and begins banging on it. The symphony orchestra provides support in the background while the plumber and the xylophone player collaborate to create wonderful music.

This made me laugh so hard that I added it to my HM Royal Marines Playlist, said Linda Sueneke, a huge supporter of the Royal Marines Band Service. The video has received more than 3 million views to date, so Linda is not the only one who enjoys it.

Watch the video below!”