Policeman cries when he receives gifts from his dear classmates… Watch the heartwarming moment here!

Byron Nelson High School students Whitney and Dani, together with Officer Watkins, were given an incredible surprise by their relatives and friends at a pep rally.

At Byron Nelson High School, Watkins serves as the school resource officer. Everyone adores him because he consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. Being a mentor and counselor is his favorite aspect of his profession.

Sisters Whitney and Dani make everyone around them happier and more optimistic. They always extend a friendly greeting and make an effort to get to know each student.

Whitney and Dani are universally acknowledged as two of the bubbliest individuals they have ever encountered. Watkins, Whitney, and Dani make Byron Nelson High School a better place.

They assembled a scrapbook of images of Officer Watkins with pupils as a token of their gratitude for him. Another video that was produced by several pupils features individuals speaking kindly and lovingly.

Four years have passed since Officer Watkins started working at the school. As soon as he began watching the video, he started to cry. Dani and Whitney also had no idea.

During the pep rally, the three recognized individuals received raucous applause. Each of them was unable to comprehend the generosity and affection shown to them that day.

Watch the video here: