Tom Jones impresses his audience with an astonishing performance of “It’s Not Unusual!” Watch the video here!

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Living legend Sir Tom Jones is always a source of controversy. The 78-year-old judge on The Voice UK couldn’t keep up with his popularity.

The moment he appeared, people began requesting his 1965 song, “It’s Not Unusual.” The performer only needed one prod from Ollie to get going.

Tom Jones makes the most modest of starts before gradually picking up the tempo as he gets a feel for his well-known tune.

Within a few bars, Tom is fired up and singing with the same intensity, passion, and infectious swag that made him famous in the 1960s. Just over a minute in, Jennifer Hudson was already star-struck!

Sir Tom Jones proves that he’s still got it in every way with a performance that is hardly noteworthy for him.

Even though the Welsh singer’s act comes on impromptu after participating on The Voice as a guest judge, “It’s Not Unusual” is sung with the same youthful vigor displayed by him in his younger years.

Here is the video: