Two teenagers shuffle around the stage, impressing the audience with their sophisticated footwork

It’s easy to understand why they won first place.
The Grand Nationals Dance Championships are an annual event that brings together the top dancers in America in numerous categories. The dances feature shag and swing genres.

Though the championship is a competition, it fosters a friendly environment in which dancers may be encouraged by one another’s abilities.

Mack West and Trinity Davis are the Grand Nationals winners in the dance world.

The shag, the couple’s dance style, is most typically associated with seaside communities in North and South Carolina.

The guy typically leads this two-person dance, and there are numerous ways to interpret the fundamental movements.

It’s a dance that appears simple but is far from it.

Though the history of shag is uncertain, we do know that “modern shag” became popular among young people who frequented pubs and beaches in the 1940s and 1950s.

Mack and Trinity are just in their mid-teens, but as we see in events such as The Grand Nationals, age is just a number when it comes to dance skills.

The dance is set to Kelley Hunt’s “Queen of the 88’s,” and the couple has dressed appropriately for the time period.

Trinity is dressed in a bright yellow jumpsuit, while Mack is dressed to the nines in a v-neck sweater vest.

The couple enters the stage with glowing smiles on their cheeks, and we know they’re ready to put on the finest performance for the audience.

The pair two-steps and spins from side to side as the piano entrance begins. Then it’s Mack’s turn to shine, demonstrating that not every dance is about the lady.

His exquisite footwork had audience members in amazement, and it’s clear to understand why: his legs appear to be boneless!

Mack’s motions are fluid enough to appear effortless, yet too fast to keep up with. While he dances with elegance and fluidity, these are indications that the dance is tough and took years to perfect, not the other way around.

Trinity and Mack both appear to be having a good time, with large smiles on their faces.

The couple dances in perfect unison, dipping, swinging, and whirling together, displaying skills that would leave most of us dizzy in no time.

This isn’t a dance for individuals with bad joints, as Mack demonstrates as he crouches down on the floor.

He bends his knees to the left and right, then adds a couple of pro spins for good measure.

Perhaps in a few years, his knees won’t be up to the effort, but for now, he appears to be having a great time!

This performance, like many others during The Grand Nationals Dance Championships, was videotaped and uploaded on YouTube.

It rapidly went viral, garnering over 235,000 views and tens of thousands of comments.

Mack and Trinity have a sizable internet following, with one admirer writing:

“I’ve seen these two dance (and win), and I must say it’s a joy to see them dance again.” Both are naturals who move quickly. Congratulations, and sorry for the delay.”

They really gave their opponents a run for their money, and it’s no surprise that they came in first!

Watch the video below to see the duo’s outstanding performance. They know just how to energize a crowd!