VIDEO: Officer Punches Through Frozen Pond to Rescue 8-Year-old Boy… See what happened to him…

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On Monday evening, Sergeant Aaron Thompson is being hailed as a hero after punching through the ice of a frozen pond in order to rescue a small kid who had gone through the ice thirty minutes earlier.

The boy had slipped through the ice.

A neighbor in New Harmony, Utah watched an eight-year-old boy fall into the lake while he was pursuing his dog. The boy had been following his dog.

When Thompson got at the scene, he wasted no time in beginning to punch and leap on the ice in an effort to break through the surface.

He smashed a hole through the ice, and then proceeded to dive into the pond after sustaining a few scratches on his forearms.

The deputy sheriff was submerged up to his neck as he went searching for the child who was drifting close. He moved his arms through the water until he located the child.

Thompson is hopeful about the 8-year-old boy’s chances of survival despite the fact that he is presently being treated at a nearby hospital.

He bases this optimism on the fact that the water’s temperature was quite warm, the boy’s age was young, and the amount of time he spent in the water.

Watch the video…