Watch Dramatic Moment When Woman Decides to March into Frozen Lake to Rescue Stranger’s Dog And Then She…

How well do you handle difficult situations? This woman did not pause to consider her personal safety before rushing to the aid of another person’s dog; instead, she went straight to the rescue.

When the terrible event occurred, Ben West was taking a brisk walk in the park in the snow. It’s a good thing that there was a nice Samaritan nearby.

According to a series of suspenseful videos that West shared to Instagram, he was taking his dog for a walk around Trout Lake in Eastern Vancouver when another dog wandered across the frozen surface of the lake.

The wandering puppy broke through the ice’s surface and landed in the water of the lake all of a sudden.

One woman simply started breaking the ice with her hands and making her way out to the struggling canine while other people were panicking and trying to call the dog and urge him to get back out of the water.

According to what West shared with the CBC, “people were kind of cautioning her – ‘Don’t do it.'” The only thing that she said was, “I have to since it’s a dog.”

She was dressed for the cold in full gear, which quickly became drenched and heavy, and by the time she finally reached the animal, she was waist-deep.

After that, she dragged the young animal along the channel that she had just made in the body of water leading back to the beach.

Observers had already contacted emergency medical services and sent them to the location, where they waited with warm blankets.

According to West, he was unable to learn the woman’s name, but he did mention that she exhibited an impressive level of composure during the entire situation.

After being dried down with a towel, the dog showed no indications of pain or panic as it continued to play with the other dogs at the park. The dog had been involved in a potentially fatal accident earlier.

West continued, “I was just shocked, and genuinely surprised at this woman’s courageous urge to go do this thing.” “It wasn’t even her dog.”