Woman shares the results of $11,000 surgery that changed her life by making her forehead smaller

Cosmetic surgery is a well-known option for addressing various concerns, but one lesser-known procedure is forehead reduction.

Beth Halsey, a 27-year-old from Essex, UK, has long struggled with insecurity about her forehead. She began researching surgical options at the young age of seven. After twenty years, she finally underwent the procedure, which cost her £9,000 ($11,000).

During the surgery, a surgeon moves the hairline down to create the illusion of a smaller forehead. While Beth is thrilled with the results, she experienced considerable discomfort in the days following the surgery.

Speaking on the British breakfast show This Morning, Beth described her initial post-surgery experience: “The first few days, I was in quite a lot of pain – but the tablets were really good. I was really, really swollen as well and had big black eyes.”

Despite the initial pain, Beth says she felt “pretty much fine” after a week, although she continued taking some tablets.

She described the surgery as “freeing,” expressing how it has boosted her confidence and allowed her to be her true self without relying on filters for social media posts.

Beth explained that her hairline was reduced by an inch from the center and 2 cm on the sides.

In addition to sharing her experience on national television, Beth documented her journey on TikTok, where she openly discussed her lifelong insecurity about her forehead.

Although some online questioned why she underwent the surgery, citing her previous beauty, Beth emphasized that she did it solely for herself. She received support from others who recognized the validity of personal insecurities and applauded her decision to prioritize her happiness.