Women Encircle a Crying Mom Whose Toddler Was… Shocking story…

Even though airports are known to be a source of stress for passengers, there is a possibility that passengers will receive assistance from strangers in the event that their worry becomes unbearable.

When Beth Bornstein Dunnington was leaving Los Angeles earlier this month, she was involved in a similar event while flying out of the city.

At Los Angeles International Airport, the mother from Waimea, Hawaii was waiting to board her aircraft to Portland.

She observed a mother who was having some difficulties with her son when she was in the departure area amid a mob of other travelers waiting for their own flights.

Dunnington posted the following on his Facebook page: “A toddler who appeared to be about eighteen months old was having a complete tantrum, racing through the seats, kicking and screaming, then lying on the ground, refusing to enter the plane.”

“His young mother, who was obviously pregnant and was traveling by herself with her son, became utterly overcome with emotion…

Because he was in such a state of agitation, she was unable to pick him up because he kept racing away from her and then lying down on the ground while kicking and screaming again.

“The mother finally gave in and dropped down on the floor, placed her head in her hands, and started crying as her child was still screaming a tantrum next to her,”

After then, Dunnington was encouraged by what took on after that.

A group of around six or seven ladies from the surrounding areas of the boarding area converged on the young mother, formed a small circle around her and her tiny child, and took turns doing things to assist calm down the upset mother and child.

I started off by singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to the young child…

One woman offered the mother a bottle of water, another offered the mother an orange that she had peeled, and another offered the child a small toy that she had in her purse. All three women helped the mother out.

Someone else assisted the mother in removing the child’s sippy cup from the bag she was carrying and handing it to the child.

Even though the women did not communicate with one another about their shared objective, they were nonetheless successful in calming down the mother and her toddler until it was finally possible for them to board the plane.

“When they left through the door, everyone went back to their own seats, and we didn’t discuss what had happened… We were complete strangers who had come together to solve a problem.

“The thought occurred to me that a group of women working together toward a common goal may rescue the world. “I will never, ever forget that very second,” she went on to say.