Watch the Heartwarming Moment a Man on the Subway Offers to Play Cell Phone Game With Curious Boy… See how people react to this…

An ordinary conversation that took place between a father and a youngster on the subway in New York City is winning people’s hearts all over the internet.

Kia Tatiyana Davis has posted a number of videos to her Facebook page in which she demonstrates a man using his mobile device to engage in some form of gaming activity.

A young youngster with an inquisitive nature begins to watch him play while he does it over his shoulder.

When the guy sees that his little neighbor is interested in the game, he smiles and passes the phone to the youngster so that they can play the game together. The man’s neighbor is a young boy.

“What I saw earlier today while I was on the train. I was so close to crying, y’all,” Davis wrote.

The video documenting the friendly gesture performed by one person for another has already received more than one million views.