You won’t believe it when you see how this delivery man makes little boy’s dream come true…

An sympathetic worker was commended for delivering more than just parcels to a family in Mississippi; more particularly, he went out of his way to bring a box to a youngster who was only six years old.

Wendy Bailey, who lives in Rankin County, recently published a message on Facebook in which she described how her son Brandon had been eagerly awaiting the delivery of the new refrigerator that their family had ordered so that he could use the box to construct a fort.

Brandon had a very good attitude while he waited for the glorious delivery for the full two weeks.

He would be able to do everything his heart desired with that gigantic cardboard tower, whether it be piloting a spaceship, hiding in a secret hideaway, or traveling through the galaxy of his imagination.

However, there was no package when the refrigerator was delivered at its final destination.

Because the delivery guy for Lowe’s felt so horrible about the young boy’s disappointment, he drove all the way back to his store to retrieve a box for a refrigerator and then brought it back to Lowe’s for Brandon.

According to what Bailey wrote, the man remarked that “every little boy needs an awesome box fort!” “That takes going above and beyond to a whole new level!”

“There is one ecstatic 6-year-old in my house this morning who also received a vital lesson about compassion today,” she continued.

“Today is a great day for learning about kindness.”