A homeless man gets a haircut, which helps him change his appearance and reunite with his family after 10 years…

Brazilian resident Joo Coelho Guimares, 45, found himself in a challenging circumstance. He ended himself being unemployed and without a place to live by chance. He was also made to wander the streets looking for food.

The man was homeless person for 3 years.

Joo frequently gathered bottles in order to transport them to a container collection location and sell them there for a profit. The majority of the bottles were in the vicinity of Alessandro Lobo’s barbershop, a country music star from Brazil.

Joo timidly inquired at the barbershop one day if they had scissors or razors to trim his beard.

The homeless felt some pain due to their facial hair. His dream was to get rid of it.

Alessandro recollects being astonished by the man’s subtlety, timidity, and capacity for verbal expression.

He was obviously intelligent because of his background. The barbershop proprietor then made the kind decision to give the homeless a day of pampering.

Joo’s hair was styled and cut. The man suddenly assumed a different identity.

Alessandro shared images of the makeover on social media with Joo’s approval.

Joo was also given two pairs of pants, three shirts, and shoes by Alessandro.

The homeless man expressed his sincere gratitude to Alessandro and stated that he felt like a regular person for the first time in many years.

Alessandro shared Joao’s tale and his photo on social media. People started to make ecstatic remarks about the man’s metamorphosis.

One statement in particular grabbed everyone’s attention among the others. It turns out that the homeless man’s mom and sister, as well as other family members, recognized him.

Joo had not been heard from in ten years!

It turned out that the mother and sister resided in a different area. When they found out Joo was still alive, they said they would come get him.

Alessandro hurried to locate the man on the street. Since he had already gained local fame following the publishing, it was not difficult.

Mom and sister showed up shortly. The family reunion took place in this manner. And the power of the internet is completely responsible.