An 86-year-old woman got married and had a beautiful wedding… “People can fall in love no matter their age,” she says…

Millie Taylor-Morrison, 86, is living proof that love knows no bounds. Despite her advanced age and second marriage, the woman chose to reprise her role as a bride. Harold Morrison, her lover, is a year her junior.

Only those who were closest to the bride and groom attended the wedding. The bride’s attire, which she designed herself, was a hit with everyone in attendance.

Milly, the granddaughter, shared photos from the event on social media. According to what she said, her grandma created her entire wedding look, from the attire to the cosmetics and hair.

No matter where she goes—to church, to see family, or to shop—it doesn’t matter. She rarely leaves the house without her hair done, cosmetics applied, and heels on, according to her granddaughter.

Millie worked in the fashion sector when she was younger, so she has great taste.

The woman had a 40-year first marriage, but sadly, her spouse had passed away. After 24 years, she finally made the decision to get married again.

All her life, Millie has known Harold. They were close friends who helped each other out when things became difficult.

In the 1950s, they had their first encounter while attending church. Harold attended Millie’s wedding in 1952 and was even there. When her first husband passed away after 40 years, they once more ran into one another in the chapel.

When Harold became ill, she started going to church with him every Sunday.

So they kept in touch for eight years, and when Harold’s condition deteriorated once more, Millie personally encouraged him to move in with her so he wouldn’t have to go to a nursing home. Following Harold’s recovery, Millie came to the conclusion that they should wed.

In Verona, New Jersey, Millie and Harold were married.

Well, we hope the couple has a long and happy life!