Guy Sacrifices Tesla to Save Unconscious Driver… What Elon Musk Offers is Unexpected…

This guy didn’t think twice about giving up his expensive Tesla Model S in order to do the right thing and save a man’s life, despite the fact that it is worth thousands of dollars.

Manfred Kick, 41, was traveling along the Autobahn, a federally managed route without a set speed limit, when he noticed a Volkswagen veering perilously into the other lane.

Manfred looked curiously through the car’s windows and saw that the driver had slumped against the steering wheel.

Manfred moved his Model S in front of the Volkswagen and applied the brakes until both vehicles stopped.

Before emergency medical personnel arrived and sent the unconscious motorist to a hospital in Munich, Germany, he hurried to the man’s side and administered first assistance.

The man apparently had some sort of stroke, but according to officials, he is currently in stable condition.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, came to Manfred’s rescue after he was left with over $10,000 in repair expenses.

“Congratulations to the Tesla owner who risked harm to his own vehicle to safely stop a car with an unconscious driver!”

Musk tweeted something. “As a thank you, Tesla is covering all expedited and free repair costs.”