Youth Melts Internet Hearts by Guiding Anxious Fearful Senior Down the Escalator… See Why He Helped Him…

People’s trust in mankind is being restored by this image of a 23-year-old assisting a senior citizen who was terrified descend an escalator.

Paula Piccard tweeted the photo at the Holyoke Shopping Mall in Ingleside, Massachusetts, and it has now gone viral on social media.

Paula spotted an anxious old man standing at the top of the electric staircase as she waited at the top of an escalator.

Young Alonzo Johnson inquired as to how he might assist the elder as others grew annoyed with his hesitation.

A few people gathered to wait to board the escalator as the older man was stopped at the top of the escalator, Paula wrote.

It was obvious that the man was feeling uncertain, so the young man extended an arm and asked, “Can I help you on, sir?”

The elder man described how he once got stuck on an escalator and had a lifelong fear of moving stairs.

Alonzo, though, immediately declared that he would accompany him all the way to the bottom.

After then, Paula took a picture of the adorable couple riding the escalator together and shared it on social media.

The nightly news will air in about an hour, and we’ll be reminded of conflict, racial tensions, political mudslinging, shootings, and other heartbreaks, Paula wrote.

But today, racial, age, political, and other societal distinctions were erased, and people simply assisted one another.

I wanted to embrace them both. IF YOU WERE RAISED RIGHT BY YOUR FAMILY, WHOEVER THIS YOUNG MAN IS! I’m grateful.