“I do not have anything to offer if being proud of who I am isn’t enough,” said this talented woman in The Voice…

In 2018, singer Mennel Ibtissem submitted a video of herself performing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” as part of her audition for the French edition of The Voice. She sung in both French and English. She then submitted another viral but contentious audition for America’s Got Talent in 2019. She was famous not only for her amazing voice but also for being a French Muslim singer wearing a headscarf.

She recently shared a photo on Instagram that differs slightly from how she usually appears, leaving her followers wondering what happened.

Anyone who is familiar with Ibtissem’s music or auditions knows that part of who she is is the religious head covering known as the hijab that some Muslim women wear. Mennel recently stopped covering her head with a headscarf and let her beautiful brown hair flow.

Many followers are asking “why” in the comments section in both French and Arabic. Mennel hasn’t directly responded to the query, but she penned a lengthy message in her most recent shot thanking her fans for supporting her morals and music.

“I’ll never degrade myself to a level beneath mine. And I continue to wear this smile, which conveys the message, “I’m proud of who I am, and if that’s not enough, I have nothing else to offer.” I’m content with who I am, and I give my neighborhood and my “mennies” all of the love I possess. I am wholly genuine, and I want to remain so. Thank you to everyone that recognizes the true principles in my music and who I am as a person. Please note that my narrative is being told to you in the context of my inspiration.

You serve as my inspiration. It is the adoration, sincerity, and generosity of individuals who identify with me and this musical cosmos, which includes all of our pleasures and pains, hopes, and glories.

I once heard: “Walk straight and don’t look behind you.” I therefore advance boldly, with an open heart, and a free spirit by taking one step, then two, and moving forward.

She emphasized that although social media is a minor part of life, she loves the kind comments she receives and understands not to take criticism too seriously.

Additionally, she shared a rendition of John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” in which she is shown sans a helmet and stated in the description that she is now working on her follow-up album. There were nearly 77,000 views of the video.

Check out the video here: