Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about hiring security after having her first baby due to ‘intrusive thoughts’

In 2022, the actress disclosed the birth of her first child with husband Cooke Maroney during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. The host, who previously lived in the property occupied by Lawrence, stated: “Currently, I live next door to you, and I’m looking at you living in my house with a fresh new kid.”

“By the way, I occasionally hear you conversing with him, and it is quite endearing.”

Just a few days later, Lawrence made a rare public appearance in Los Angeles with her son, Cy.

A source told Page Six that the actor’s push of the baby’s pram “seemed like a really routine errand run.”

Lawrence has kept her life as a mother extremely quiet, with Maroney also keeping their baby’s identity hidden, but last year she opened up about strengthening her security after receiving tiny Cy.

In 2023, the No Hard Opinions star spoke with Kylie Jenner for Interview magazine, revealing how her views on security have changed since becoming a mother.

“I didn’t have that much security before I had a kid, but once I had one, with my intrusive thoughts and anxiety, I wanted us to have security around all the time,” according to her.

Lawrence initially intended her security crew to be ‘invisible’ to her kid, but her thinking swiftly changed.

“Once they start working for you, it’s like, ‘Oh, wait.'” This is someone in our lives. “He’s assisting us,” Lawrence stated regarding her protection.

“Ignoring the individual who is assisting us is not a beneficial lesson. It is generally preferable to say, “Good morning, Sean.” “Hello, how are you?”

The actor continued, “We’ve included them more in our lives, which shocked me.” That wasn’t how I planned it.”

Compared to many other celebrities, Lawrence keeps most of her private life just that: secret.

During her pregnancy in 2021, the star told Vanity Fair that she was afraid of revealing her child to the public.

She elaborated: “If I were at a dinner party and someone said, ‘Oh, my God, you’re expecting a kid,’ I wouldn’t say, ‘God, I can’t talk about that.” Get away from me, you psycho!”

“But every instinct in my body wants to protect their privacy as much as possible for life.”

The 33-year-old went on to say that she does not want anyone to instantly feel ‘welcome into [her child’s] life’, and that this starts with ‘not involving them’ in the public portion of her job.