The judges were not expecting her to sing so beautifully… Video attached!

Emily Bland, who is twenty-nine years old and works as a clerk, recently left the judges of America’s Got Talent astonished by her voice since they were not expecting it. In addition, the AGT contestant in question had a fantastic sense of humor, which led the judges to assume that she was a comic incorrectly.

When Howie Mandel questioned the amazing woman about her profession, Bland quietly said that she worked as a desk clerk at a hotel. Howie Mandel was really impressed by the woman’s response.

During this same discussion, Simon broke in and asked her about the most unpleasant visitor she had ever had. At this point, Bland responded with a facetious comment, saying, “Okay, I don’t want to throw my mom under the bus… her name is Karen.”

Emily surprised Howie Mandel by saying that she was going to sing instead of doing stand-up comedy, which he had anticipated she would do. Further, Bland stated that Garth Brooks was her favorite singer and someone who she looked up to in the industry.

Soon after, Bland began her act, singing in a voice that bore an uncanny similarity to one of the country superstars. Following that, Bland captivated the audience with a powerful rendition of Josh Turner’s song “Your Man.”

The judges were taken aback, but they couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. At this time, Bland approached a man who was standing backstage and invited him to join her.

The man stated unequivocally that it was, in fact, him singing and that he was the ventriloquist, with Bland serving as his puppet.

Here is the video: