This baby was born with natural white hair… She is 2 now and here is how she looks!

On the Instagram platform, lots of regular individuals may become famous. Maya – Baby Cruella is one of the cutest little stars.

Little Maya was born with black hair and a white stripe running through it. She goes by the name Baby Cruella on social media due to her likeness to the well-known Disney cartoon character.

The girl turned one year old this year. She also made everybody happy by showing up to a picture shoot designed to resemble the 101 Dalmatians animated series.

Talita, Maya’s mom, gave birth to a girl after a quiet pregnancy. In the hospital where she was born, she quickly rose to fame.

This is because the youngster had white hair mixed in with her black hair, which is not unusual given that her family carries a gene that alters skin and hair color.

Many people on the Internet laughed at this aspect of Maya’s looks.

The mother claims that when she uploaded the video to social media, the infant became so popular that she had the idea to stage a photo session in which Maya was dressed as Cruella De Vil.

Even before she could walk and talk, the girl became well-known in this way. However, there are countless possibilities with social media nowadays!

“The Maya and I social media video was so well received that I couldn’t help but post my daughter’s photos going forward! Latin America saw a rise in its appeal.

Soon after, I started getting inquiries from France and Morocco asking for my consent to publish pictures of my kid. That was amazing! The next persona that Maya may assume is already in my mind, Talita added.

In the pictures, Maya is wearing a fur coat that resembles Cruella’s attire. She furthermore donned crimson gloves. In one of the pictures, she was accompanied by a Dalmatian dog.

This young girl is great, isn’t she? Numerous individuals have fallen in love with the young model. She also has no intention of stopping there.

It’s amazing how delicately the mood of the well-known animation is captured.

Maya even made an appearance beside her mother, who also tried on a deadly look, in several pictures. “People embraced our concept! said Talita.

She is already making plans for her daughter’s future and is pleased with her achievement.