This couple had twin babies but they were born two days apart… Can it be true?

Manchester resident Joanne Reilly, 32, experienced a routine pregnancy. Even though two pregnancies were growing inside of her at the same time, the mother did not suffer from toxicosis or other conditions common to this time period. The expecting mother got a regular examination at week 23, and there were no abnormalities found. Ten days later, her water broke unexpectedly.

After being transported to the hospital, Joanne gave birth to Dylan, her first child, a few hours later. The boy was transferred right away to the intensive care unit even though he weighed only 737 grams. The woman’s contractions abruptly ceased, contrary to what the doctors had anticipated would happen. And it quickly became apparent that work would not pick back up.

There was little prospect of carrying the second child to term because the twins were in separate amniotic sacs. Joanne was put to sleep and instructed not to rise. She and her husband had never heard of twins being born with such a significant time difference, so they were both terrified.

Joanne claimed that she found it odd to become a mother “not entirely” and that she wished for the birth of her second son as soon as possible.

The wife went into labor once more two days later, and little Oscar was born into the world. The boy had no health issues, unlike his older sibling who was in the incubator. He had a little under a kilogram in weight and had been under medical care for a while, but nothing alarming was discovered.

The parent was given the go-ahead to bring their sons home two weeks later. True, they had to stay apart for the first few months while Dylan recovered from an early and challenging birth. Joanne was worried that the kids wouldn’t be able to develop the kind of tight relationship that only twins can. However, nature took its toll, and soon the brothers began to compete with each other in strength and determination.

The kids are doing fine right now. Dylan caught up to his sibling in terms of weight and growth during his first year of life. The majority of the issues brought on by the boys’ premature birth have been resolved as they have grown stronger.

Doctors also believe that by the age of 3, the need to take hormonal medicines would naturally disappear, even if they must repair the thyroid gland’s function because it did not have enough time to fully develop during the 24 weeks of pregnancy.

The men get along great and hang out all the time. The boys can’t live without each other for even five minutes, the joyful mother claims, despite the fact that they occasionally fight. This is to be expected with twins. Today, hardly anything serves as a reminder of how challenging their journey’s beginning was or that the couple nearly lost one of their boys.

By the way, the parents still made the choice to honor the children’s naming days on the same day.