This lady was overweight but she decided to lose weight and here is how she appears now…

Nikki Weber, an American who is now 34, has been a little bit overweight since she was a young girl. As she grew older, the child attempted numerous diets and even went on a special diet in an effort to lose weight.

She repeatedly gave in to her oily and sweet food desires. She understood something had to change when her weight reached 295 pounds.

Nikki moved in with her parents after her health condition reached to the point that she required assistance just to get out of bed. Her parents didn’t try to motivate her to pursue a healthy lifestyle because they only saw her situation as a small issue.

They devised a system to transport meals to the upper floors.

It was really helpful that Nikki said she would carry “My entire 300 kg.” The strategy facilitates weight loss. Dietitians created a specific diet for the youngster after her stomach surgery.

Nikki hesitated and feared she wouldn’t be able to control her feelings, but she was successful. The young woman lost 90 pounds and overcame her concerns a year after undergoing surgery.

Nikki lost 160 pounds and another 25 through a skin removal treatment.
She regularly walks 3-5 km and weighs 90 kg.

Nikki is in disbelief that she has transformed into such a stunning, average-sized girl simply by dropping weight. Nikki and Marcus met in the gym and immediately fell in love. Later on in the year, Marcus proposed.

Since she now understands what she almost did to herself, Nikki is appreciative of everyone who assisted her in reaching this level of perfection.

She believes it’s critical to acknowledge and correct one’s flaws. Have faith in the outcome; everything will be OK.